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Have your Website LIVE in 2 WEEKS!

Low Setup Cost

Pay only $495 for a professional website or go all out for a bumper design which allows up to 10 pages of content (more can be added). Either package can include sections like Animated Slideshow, Image Gallery, Location Map, Services or Testimonials section and more . . .

Fantastic Value & Fast Setup

If you compare Like-for-Like features you will find we offer the most bang for your buck. Once you give us the go-ahead you can have a live website up in two weeks or less.

We also offer low monthly subscriptions saving you even MORE upfront costs. You can't get better than that.


Australian Made - Australian Supported

We create, design and support all our websites in Australia at our head office. We don't outsource anything overseas. You can rely on us to get back to you FAST for any issue. Dingoes are pure Australian and so are we . . .

Proudly supporting Australian Small Businesses.

Being an Australian Small Businesses i'm sure you need - nay demand - trustworthy, quality service that's reliable and that doesn't break the bank.

That's what you get from Dingo Web Design - end of story.

Super Easy to Make Changes Anytime

Your time is valuable so we make sure you get up to speed quickly when it comes to changing your content. We have a comprehensive set of videos that guide you step-by-step on how to manage the content on your website. You'll be an expert in no time and if you need help we're only a phone call away . . .

Make changes 24 / 7

Need a quick change made to your website - want to promote a monthly special to tell your customers some important news. NO PROBLEMS

Just login to your website, click on the relevant section and make the changes. It's that easy.

If you need help then just call and email us and we'll do it for you for free or guide you how to do it yourself. That's just part of the service we offer at Dingo Web Design

FREE Support & Minor Changes for LIFE

While others charge for changes & support, WE DON'T. With every subscription and hosting plan we included FREE minor changes to anything you want done. If you need help for any issue or need a small change done then call or email us and we'll do it for FREE and we'll do it FAST . . .

Sometimes you just need to get it done.

We are always there for you when you need it. Good old fashion service is hard to find now-a-days but you can trust Dingo Web Design to make any minor changes to your website for FREE. If you need a major change then we'll let you know the cost before hand. You won't get any surprise invoices from us.

Have your website up FAST

We don't muck around when you give us the go-ahead. Once you let us know what type of website you want we get cracking and provide you a DEMO website ASAP. After you approve the demo and request any changes, we'll make it LIVE. The whole process should only take about 2 weeks.

We understand you are busy.

We know you have a business to run and little spare time. This is why we have a flexible and simple process that will get your website live according to YOUR schedule.

We create great looking websites that promotes your business and help it grow.

Monthly Hosting Subscription with NO CONTRACT

We don't just host your website - we comprehensively manage it, cater to it's every need and maintain it so it's super reliable and FAST. You pay a low monthly hosting subscription fee for this and there is NO CONTRACT or long term agreement. Our aim is to be flexible AND low cost.

Included in our Subscription Service:-

Your website will be hosted on fast, reliable, Australian servers • SEO so your website is found by your customers • Training, support, video guides and more service related stuff that you can poke a stick at. • Self managed content • Hotline as well as a Support Ticketing System for changes and issues. • The list goes on and on . . .


We make sure your customers find you

Having a website that nobody can find is fairly pointless. We have a number of tricks up our sleeve so you get the best chance of getting to the top of Google. We even provide a guide we've written on how to promote your website on-line with some fantastic tips and suggestions.

Our SEO service comes as standard with all our packages or you can upgrade for a more tailored solution if you prefer.


Small Business Specialist

We have many years experience helping SMALL BUSINESSES promote themselves on-line.

We don't try and bamboozle you with stuff you don't understand or swindle you into something you don't need.

Our special website system is geared towards being flexible & low cost with help when you need it most. Earning your trust is our ultimate goal.


Promoting Your Business

Your website should be all about promoting your business. That is telling people what you do and why they should choose your products or services.

This is why we focus on presenting your business in the best possible way using all the tips and tricks at our disposal. Our main aim it to encourage visitors to become loyal customers. We've done this many times before and we can do it to your business as well.

Sounds Great but where's the DEMO?

RIGHT HERE! Every section you see on this website - we can add to yours.

You can also visit our DEMO SITE to see all the sections & styles in action.

We Love Chatting toNew Clients.Small Business Owners.People Who Need Our Help.


Have questions?

As you're viewing this website you'll no doubt have some questions or need clarification on something. The best way to get answers is to call us. 

When we've talked you'll have a better idea of how we can help to promote your business and provide the best solution that's right for you.



Business Basics

Setup - $495

  • Easy Setup, Self Managed Content with Video Tutorials
  • 2-3 Pages of content
  • Pick and choose your sections
    See DEMO Website
  • SEO so people can find you
  • Mobile Responsive (of course)
  • FREE Logo Design and Stock Images
  • FREE Minor Changes for Life
  • The best AFTER SALES service you'll find anywhere
  • $25 / Month

    (For a Limited Time
    Normally $40 / Month)
    We can also use your hosting server

Business Bumper

Setup - $995

  • Easy Setup, Self Managed Content with Video Tutorials
  • Up to 10 pages
    More can be added
  • Pick and choose your sections
    See DEMO Website
  • SEO so people can find you.
  • Mobile Responsive (of course)
  • FREE Logo Design and
    Stock Images
  • FREE Minor Changes for Life
  • The best AFTER SALES service you'll find anywhere
  • DOMAIN NAME included for the first 2 years
  • Heaps of bells and whistles
  • $25 / Month

    (For a Limited Time
    Normally $40 / Month)
    We can also use your hosting server

Made-to-order /
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  • Need something EXTRA?
    Just call us
  • Want to sell ON-LINE?
    No Problems
  • Heaps of additional add-ons available
  • Self Managed Content
  • Responsive (of course)
  • FREE Minor Changes for Life
  • $Call / Month

Some Popular QuestionsWe Get Asked

Why should I choose Dingo Web Design?

That's a great question. There are plenty of web designers around, so what's special about Dingo Web Design?

Well, here are a few reasons in a nutshell;

  • We won't stuff you around. ALWAYS being open and honest is part of any good business relationship and we won't let you down.
  • Our Websites are great value. Don't spend thousands on a web design when we can do it for a lot less and with better customer support.
  • We are 100% Australian which means you can get hold of us easily and we respond FAST to your questions. We communicate effectively so that you understand exactly what we do and when it will be done.
  • FREE support and minor changes for life.
  • We specialise in Small Business Websites. We understand exactly what small businesses need and can deliver a solution that looks great, attracts customers and functions well on all sized devices - all at a low cost.

Can I change the content later and how easy is it to do?

We wouldn't be much of a modern web designer if you couldn't edit it yourself - would we? After it goes live we'll send you the step-by-step instructions on how to make changes to any of your sections. We're even creating Video Tutorials on how to do this which will make it even easier.

If you can use Microsoft Word then then you won't have any problems in editing or adding text, images (even in the gallery) or other content on your website.

Plan B is to just ask us to do it. All packages come with FREE MINOR CHANGES FOR LIFE so you have the best of both worlds. You can do it yourself or you can get us to do it for you.

Can I add social media buttons?

Of course - and we'll include these for FREE. You just need to let us know which social platforms you use and we'll add them to your website - it's all part of the service.

2 WEEKS for a live website!!!". Don't you mean 2 MONTHS?

NO it's not a typo (unbelievable, isn't it). Once we receive back all the information from the PREPARATION PACKAGE we send you we'll get on to it - PRONTO. We'll then supply a link to your DEMO website where you can let us know any adjustments and then, when your're happy - we'll make it live. It's that easy!

Tell me more about the "FREE Minor Changes"

In a nutshell, as part of your monthly subscription will will not charge for ANY change you require that takes us less than 15 min to complete. If it's going to take us longer than 15 min we will inform you first so you are aware of any costs. We can't be any fairer than that.

An example of a minor change would be to modify or add some simple text, add or remove an image, change your logo or add a testimonial.

An example of a major (and therefore - paid) change would be something like adding more sections after the website is live, adding sections on new pages, include new add-on modules for specific tasks like a custom form etc and requiring multiple small changes over a short period of time.

Is a monthly SUBSCRIPTION the same as hosting?

That's a very good question. Basically our SUBSCRIPTION covers a lot more than just the technical hosting. We include all the training, support and minor changes that you need for the life of your website. We also use top-shelf Australian servers which are super reliable and provide backups and maintenance to make sure they up and running 24 / 7. Hotline and fast support are also part of the subscription as is the hosting of your emails and other server related maintenance. The list goes on and on.

I have a couple of specific questions?

The best way, by far, to have your questions answered is to call us on 04 2525 1818. We'll get you sorted so you can make the best decision for your business. We're always happy to give advice and to to chat about websites.

What if I want something you don't mention?

No Problems. You'll be amazed at all the features we can add to websites. If you have something specific then don't hesitate to ask us. We're always here to help you get the best website possible for your business.

What do I do next?

Click on the following button to visit the DEMO website to make sure you like what you see and understand the sections you can include.

Then, if you're interested in having a low cost, modern and a professional website created by a business that prides itself on being reliable and trustworthy. All you need to so fill in the form below or contact us on 04 2525 1818.

We'll answer all your questions and have your website live in two shakes of a dingoes tail.

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