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(Any row with this bright yellow icon further explains the section above it. It will help you make a decision if you would like to include this type of section in your website.)

EVERY website has a header which contains your LOGO, PHONE NUMBER,TAG LINE (if requested) and MENU. Also, part of the header is a "Call Now" button which sticks to the top of mobile devices so customers can contact you easily. When the visitor scrolls down the page on desktop screens the Logo & Menu ALWAYS displays at the top for easy access.

Section Demos and Examples


Why have this DEMO?

This website is to demonstrate the different sections you can choose for your website and to show you some example pages. It's just a sample of what we can do and how your small business website could look.

We can style your website to whatever you prefer. Just keep on scrolling down to view some example sections or visit our "Example" pages 

If you need something more just let us know. 


I need a great website
but I'm REALLY busy.

You've come to the right place. We understand your're busy and would like us to organise everything for you. No Problems - all we need is some basic info and we'll make your website look and function great.

We'll make it live ASAP after you approve the DEMO.

We'll use the most appropriate sections and styles to make your website the best it can possible be.

All sections shown here are EXAMPLES ONLY and will be customised for your business and industry. Images, including backgrounds can be swapped with either the images you supply or by stock images related to your business.

All these sections and more can be used for your website. Just let us know which ones you like.




Up to 3

But more
can be added

We'll make your home page stand out


Animated Slideshows are a great way to get your message across quickly. Show-off your work, tell people why your unique or display your greatest feature. Up to 3 slides allowed or you can add more for a small fee. Available for any package you choose.

Service / Products Section

Service 1

Info Columns are used to promote your services or products. They appear evenly across the screen and display great on mobile devices.

Service 2

You can have as many services / product columns as you need.

Service 3

Changing the text at a later date is easy-peasy. We even have a tutorial to show you how it's done. 

We do this


We can also add images for each service / product. You can supply images or we can source them from our stock library. Photos are sometimes better than icons.

And this


We customise the box for the content and can add buttons and backgrounds to make it stand out. Everything in this box is easy to edit.

And this


There is great flexibility in this section. Just let us know the main services / products and we'll even link it to a dedicated page if you want.

Info Columns can be used on the home page to direct visitors to the relevant product or service you offer. It's a great way to guide customers around your website and to the final goal of contacting you. They are easy to read, attractive and user friendly. You can have as many services / products as you need.

Image Links

Link to Important Page

Some text here to entice visitors to click on the button below

Full Image is Clickable

Great for mobiles this whole image can be clicked on to progress to the relevant page. Very user friendly.

Hover Over Effect

Great hover over effect and more text can be added.

The whole image is clickable

Image links really make an impact and are proven to be effective when visitors are looking for a link to progress through the website. We have a few variations available.

Description & Image

A Heading, Image and Call to Action

Here is another way to direct visitors to a relevant page. The description should be just long enough so so they read it but not too long.



Simple and straight forward. Don't let them guess what to do next. If you want to know more then just click the big button.

These description / image rows can be very handy to separate your services or areas of business as well as to bring attention to your unique features. Call to Action buttons can be added or just use them for information.

Images with Unlimited Text

Page Heading

This section is usually the most commonly used for general pages or content that requires simple text, bullet lists etc as well as general images. Most business owners choose this section for every page of the their website except the home, contact us and gallery page.

You can have unlimited text and up to 5 images per section. (If you have more than 5 images we would suggest a Photo Gallery section)

Perfect for general pages, products or services description or anything else your want to describe about your business.

A list of services or bullet points can easily be included;

  • Service 1
  • We also do this
  • Need this done? No problems
  • And we do this as well.

This section is mostly on it's own for a whole page that describes a specific part of a business or a specific product or service.

Examples would be;

  • Services Page
  • About Us page
  • Product Description Page
  • What we Do Page


images with unlimited text pic1

The images with unlimited text is the best one to use for just basic text and images. If you just want to further describe a product, service or area of your business then choose this section for each page.

Photo Gallery

Add an elegant, full width gallery that looks great on all size screens. Hover over for captions or have them display below each photos. Fantastic for showing off your past work, portfolio or different angles of your product. You can have multiple of these galleries on different pages if you prefer.

We will upload up to 10 image for each gallery but you can load heaps more after it goes live. You'll be able to manage your own galleries with our step-by-step instructions.

Our Team Section

Who We Are


John Smith

A small description about John and his responsibilities.

Jane Smith

A small description about Jane what she does at the company

Mat Brown

Mat does all this and in charge of that.

This section can be used to display staff profiles or anything else like products or other images. Titles and description can be added for each image.


What People Think

Testimonials add credibility and give visitors a sense of what service you offer. This style of testimonials is best if many testimonials are needed to be added.

John Smith

My Company

You can edit the testimonial text and add more testimonials if you like. We will show you how to manage them.

Mary Smith

Company A

This style of testimonials is great if you only have a few and are quite short.

John Smith

My Company

This style of testimonial can easily be managed. We will show you how to edit and add testimonials.

Mary Smith

Company A

Your choice of testimonial styles - Box or slider. You can add and manage your testimonials. A must have section to add credibility to the quality of your products and services.

Location Map

Our Location

If you want visitors to know your location then this section is a must. It's interactive and displays your address. On mobile screens there will be a "Get Directions" button so they can easy navigate (using Google Maps) directly to your business from their location.

FAQ Section

Some Questions You May Have

Does your customers ask the same types of questions?

If they do then you need the FAQ section added to your website. When your customer contacts you there will be a good chance they already will have some of the questions answered and you can focus on more specific requirements.

Can the formatting and style be changed?

YES. We will format the FAQ section to the same style and colours of your website.

Can I manage this section myself and add questions and answers?

Of course. We will show you how to add and manage this section. It's very easy. You can format text and even add photos.

For those questions you get asked all the time or for info you want to make publicly available this section is perfect. Click on the above questions for more info.

Contact Form - A must for all websites

Lets Connect

We’d love to hear from you. Just fill in this form and we'll contact you ASAP.

Contact Details



As all websites need some sort of contact form this section is a must . We can add it at the bottom of each page, on the home page only or on a separate page.

Need something else?

Just let us know if you need any other type of  content for you website. We'll be happy to include anything you want. All you need to do it ASK.